Android gmail not updating automatically

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What about existing calendar events on your phone that you still need to transfer over to your Google Calendar?All you need to do is tap on the event to open it, and change the calendar it is assigned to by tapping on Calendar to bring up your list of calendars, and then tapping on your Google account. This entry was posted on Tuesday, October 21st, 2014 at PM and is filed under Android, Smartphones.Even if none are available, it has to wake up and check, anyway.if you have trouble getting through a day with your smartphone — or if you’d like to leave an i Pad or another tablet on your coffee table and have its battery drain as slowly as possible so it won’t be dead when you pick it up — limiting this is a good idea. However, the good news is that there is nothing wrong with your phone. This is a common issue that many Android users have to work through at some point or another.

I’m having a problem with syncing my phone google calendar to my desktop calendar. Very inconvenient seeing how I schedule my appointments using my phone when I’m out. The news gets better still when you hear that it is not a hard problems to solve! The reason why your phone’s calendar events are not syncing with your Google Calendar is because the events you are creating on your phone are being added to your phone’s calendar instead of your Google Calendar. Well, when you use the stock Android calendar app, your phone has a local calendar – a calendar that is saved to the device itself and not synced with anything.After adding your Gmail email account to your HTC phone you find that new emails do not automatically download or synchronise.New emails will download if you open the Gmail app and select ‘sync’.By disabling all that background activity, you can place your i Pad (or another tablet) aside and have its battery drain much more slowly.Your tablet or smartphone uses less battery power when it’s just sitting there, doing nothing.

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