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Participants can expect to spend 90 minutes in each class/lab and an additional 2-6 hours per week to complete reading assignments, homework, and buddy coaching.

The core courses are offered in succession so you can complete your study in as little as 27 weeks.

In 6 weeks they will not only inspire you but also help you understand your strengths and weaknesses and areas that need to be developed.

This hairdressing course has the highest number of hands-on live models on any Refresher course on the market, giving you the essential practical skills needed in the working world.

If you struggle with approach anxiety or find it difficult to initiate conversation it gives you the toolset you need to become a more attractive man who can approach any woman he desires.

Learning ‘why you do it’ is essential for putting your faith in the new techniques you learn.

If you want to read more about The Tao of Badass you can check out our review of the system here.

Click any part of the audioscript to jump to that section or listen again. The app (just like other BC app) is extremely helpful to us.

If you're finding the audio too fast, slow it down using the pitch control (i OS only). Regards, -Agus_surachman Hi Agus_surachman, Thank you for your comment.

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