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Note: As of May 14th, 2010, Down To Earth shut down and now feeds into's Singles Net database of users.Then, somewhere around 2014, Singles Net went kaput as well, and both sites have merged into (although the old Down To Earth just goes nowhere).The search options are especially robust, although I found the drop down boxes a bit slow on my Vista Home/Firefox system.One can search for others based on their age, sexual orientation (although there was no option for bisexual or transgendered singles), geography, most recent user, photo count, accuracy rating and newest user.Originally titled Bang With Friends, Down is a dating app. Everywhere date you go on, every person you sleep with, you run the risk of shitting on your own doorstep.Like Tinder, it's easy to set up, and asks you to swipe through profiles to find matches for date or just sex. I don't want to turn that risk into a guarantee.

for a while..."has decided to jump into the free dating site pond with Down To Earth, a site that ranks its users based on other users' star-ratings of how much people were as they'd described themselves.

"It's our belief that who you meet can depend on where you meet.

If you hit a spot filled with frauds and cheaters, that's exactly what you are likely to find.

why did you bro– I mean, you will relate to this book ;) If you don’t have, CONGRATS PLS FIND THE RIGHT GUY AND READ THIS TO FIND OUT ALL ABOUT EX. She started falling in love even though friends started saying he’s trouble. But Samantha is falling in love so she refuses to see it.

Samantha Henderson thought it is love already with this guy she met in a coffee shop. But when Samantha started losing things and people that really matter, she must re-think if Love is what she’s really feeling. I guess Dating Down worked for me because even thought it was written in verse (which I am a fan of) it was relatable. I kept up with her struggles, her confusion and I was glad that she sought everything out before it was too late.

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