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I told my girlfriend I was going to the movies alone last night and then found this receipt,' wrote Withey.'I also shouldn't have given her my Instagram password like a dumba**.'Withey later denied her claims and said he had simply picked up the ticket of the person in front of him in line. He also took to twitter to deny the allegations, writing: 'News outlets keep saying that I "allegedly" cheated on my ex fiancée Kennedy Summers. Jeff I’ve just added a number of new images to my San Francisco Gallery.This includes my best images taken during my recent trip and many of them haven’t been previously published I hope you enjoy them.The voice actors are not assembled as a group when performing the lines of their characters; rather, each of the voice actors perform their lines privately.

But the town has a rich history far beyond those events, from its maritime and literary roots to some of the birth of the National Guard.

As examples of this: in the episode "Dope & Faith" when Stan found out one of his friends was an atheist, he tried getting him to pray by blowing up his home, spreading the bird flu at his restaurant, brainwashing his wife into thinking she was a lesbian, and taking his kids away; in the episode "I Can't Stan You," Stan evicted his entire neighborhood and his own family just for overhearing some of his neighbors gossiping about him behind his back; in the episode "Four Little Words," Stan framed his wife as a murderer all so as not to hear her say the words "I told you so"; etc.

Not a stranger to going to any and all lengths to achieve his desired ends—even to the point of shamelessly harming others—Stan is characterized as very dog-eat-dog.

There is no date on the texts and the person's name is listed as just 'Jeff.'The screengrab shows 'Jeff' first writing to Summers: 'I have way too much to lose to do that.'Summers responded by writing: 'NOT ENOUGH APPARENTLY TO NOT BEAT ME.'To that, 'Jeff' replied: 'I love you so much I don't want to hurt you ever.''Jeff' went on to write later in a series of texts: 'I hurt you and I'm sorry I swear I will never hurt you again.'He then added: 'That happened once in our relationship and I'm sorry I promise it will never happen again.'Summers replied to this by writing: 'TWICE.'And when 'Jeff' then replied with 'swear to god,' Summers wrote: 'YOU ONLY STOPPED BECAUSE I CALLED 911.'There are no more text messages that can be seen after that exchange.

In the photo, taken in Malibu, a bathing-suit clad Summers has a large cluster of bruises on her thing she alleges Withey caused during an incident of abuse.

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