Percentage of online dating marriages that end in divorce

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The study found that relationships that start online are 28 percent more likely to end within a year.

Married couples that were introduced online are three times more likely to divorce that those who initially met in-person.

Wiederhold, editor- in-chief of Virtual Reality Medical Institute, Brussels, Belgium and Interactive Media Institute.

With the proliferation of dating apps and websites, it's no secret that it has become pretty common to start dating someone you met online.

In a recent lecture, marriage expert Hellen Chen assigned a number to this inevitability when she asserted that 85 percent of relationships end in a break up.

Seeing as only the elite few relationships end in marriage, and 50 percent of marriages end in divorce, this really can’t come as too much of a shock to anyone.

Yet, still we trudge on, hoping the next one is the one that will do the trick.

And yet, the number seems really overwhelming when you think about it in terms of your dating history.

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