Post dating checks in florida

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There is a down side to accepting post dated checks...If a creditor accepts a post-dated check in exchange for merchandise or services, in many jurisdictions the seller is considered to have extended credit to the issuer of that check.It is not illegal to write a post dated check nor to give it out as long as there is no illegal intent. I got suckered into that when making payments.....convinced me to send a check and 2 post dated ones and then they cashed them all at once.After that, the bank or credit union can cash the check before the date you wrote on it. The CFPB does not endorse the third-party or guarantee the accuracy of this third-party information.If your bank or credit union cashed a check before the date you put on it while your notice was still valid, then it may be liable to you for any damages. There may be other resources that also serve your needs.

So the personal answering you was correct, while the check can have any date, it will be honored almost always if presented before that time.There certainly is such a thing as post-dated checks, and contrary to your reply, no they can not be cashed before the date printed on the check. Checks So yes they are used, and yes you can ask for them, but I do not believe you can "require or force" them to pay with them.I realize that the person writing the check can close their account at any time. But the situation is that the check can be ran though the bank, the date will not stop them from running it, TN even has special laws to deal with this, they state that if you run a post dated check though early, you can not sue in court if that check is returned unpaid( bounce) but they do not have a law to stop you from running it though early District AG: 7th JD, TN: Attorney General Bad Check Prosecution Debt Collectors - Post Dated Checks So I am sorry, you are incorrect, they can be and often are cashed early, it is done so often many states even have laws that stop legal action against the writer of the check if they bounce.State: Georgia I got a call from my landlord today complaining that my rent check was post dated, and that I needed to send a new one ASAP.I have done so, but my confusion is that she said that post dating a check is illegal.

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