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We don't claim to evaluate you perfectly, but we do claim to find someone who claims to fulfill your claimed requirements, exactly.""We aim to be the best matching service on every front: superior technology, better math, better psychology.

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Hi John, I looked over your profile and it’s obvious that you’re a dateable guy with some interesting hobbies. It’s better to show you love your friends and family by saying “food my mom cooks.” “Great seats at Gillette Stadium” is more descriptive and interesting than “football.” “My keyboard where I play reggae” is better than “good music and my keyboard.” Keep “wings.”--girls love them, too. This section of the profile is good for creating “hooks.” Yes, this is the basic answer, which is why you should say something different. Girls don’t often message guys, but when a girl checks out your profile, this is one of the first section she looks at. I’d just delete meet up with a girl and she seems down, great, but assuming too much is a turn off.

I know you’re not looking for anything serious, but you’re going to be more successful if you treat girls as though they are unique...(it’s better to focus on quality rather than quantity in messages and me). It’s ok to talk a little bit about your life philosophy, but it’s important to avoid being preachy (this turns girls off). It’s always better to “show” not “tell,” which means you should write a quick sentence about an impromptu road trip you took, rather than saying you “seize the day.” This is good, but use this opportunity to expand. Are you an amateur snowboarder or professional level?

As far as photos are concerned: Everyone is in the same boat as you when it comes to online dating, so don’t point out that you’re “bad at” the process.

Do you have a favorite Italian place in the North End? I can’t live without my family and friends either (and actually, I think it’s ok to include this), but this question allows you to be a little funny and tell girls about some odd interests. Use this opportunity to say something funny or give a little known fact about you. It’s fine to be interested in using online dating for casual sex, but it’s not necessary to say so.

What is your favorite thing to order in a Chinese restaurant? It would be better to admit that online dating is intimidating than to say you have no faith (you have a little faith-- you contacted us). Likes to read books, go hiking, ski, drink cheap beer, play pool, have fun with friends?

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    Many guys mistakenly believe that the only way to attract women is with money, looks, power or fame. As I know many men who have none of these, yet still have know exactly how to attract beautiful ladies. And how you have to act in order to attract a woman. And even after you have sparked her interest, you’ll still need to do things to get her chasing you.

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