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The differentiation of periods is characterized by an increase in population and the geographic spread of the culture as well as by changes in settlement patterns, the economy, and the spiritual life of the people.

(A detailed discussion of the Tripilian culture can be found, among others, in volume 1 of Mykhailo Hrushevsky's fundamental History of Ukraine-Rus'.) As a result of incursions by other cultures (particularly the Pit-Grave culture) into Ukrainian territory during the Copper Age in the mid-3rd to early 2nd millennium BC, many characteristic Trypilian traits changed, were absorbed by other tribes, or disappeared...

The Ukrainians have stocks that are over 20 years old and almost three-quarters of them just don’t work.In a Facebook message, Right Sector's spokesman, Artem Skoropadsky, denied his group had taken part in the violence, although ahead of the march, the Right Sector's leadership criticized the march as being evil."If the law was violated by anyone, the law enforcement should figure it out," he said.that the Soviet Union—not Nazi Germany—had invaded Ukraine.The television station responded to a complaint about the programme from the Public Committee for Public Service Media, remarking that the quality of the simultaneous Russian-German translation was too poor for the presenter to question the statement during the ongoing interview.

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