Updating analog tvs tohdtv

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Some years ago you had to plug a DTV converter box to your dear old TV..the revamping worked a miracle : your old set was better than new !!But what about giving a useful new feature to your old TV ?Plus new designs for thinner, smaller items (like smart phones, tablets, and ultrabooks) are making it really hard for people to fix and prolong the use of these devices.Industry plays an active role in getting us to replace working products with their new ones: Cell phone companies typically allow free or very inexpensive upgrades every two years.E-waste is the fastest growing part of the waste stream.That’s because we are buying new electronics at an astonishing rate and tossing out the old ones.to convert that to 2 channel analog RCA that can be connected to you stereo receiver. You will also need an optical cable and RCA stereo cable. Buyer Beware" We all have heard this a thousand times, yet many consumers continue to purchase products with false or misleading information without further investigating of the facts. After the digital transition date of 2009 many TV channels currently broadcasting on the UHF band will move to the VHF band channels leaving the consumer without reception on these VHF stations.

At the same time broadcasters are currently broadcasting their new HDTV signal.New technology is constantly emerging making that old working gadget no longer desirable.Plus some electronic products simply don’t last as long as they should, and they are cheaper to replace than to fix.Because of the limited channel space allotted for television broadcasting most HDTV channels are temporarily assigned to UHF channels, and will permanently be assigned in 2009.At this time many of the HDTV channels currently broadcasting on the UHF(Ch.14-69) will return to the VHF(Ch.2-13) frequency.

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