Updating identity column sql server 2016

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For example This allows you to update your client code with the idenity values generated by the server.Whilst this logically shold work, in CTP5 there is a bug that causes this to fail.This only contains the columns of the underlying table so you don't have access to any other data. MERGE is a combined INSERT, UPDATE and DELETE statement that supports the OUTPUT clause.

SQL Server parse and compile time: CPU time = 0 ms, elapsed time = 1 ms.

Immediate updating subscribers do not have these replication difficulties as we will see shortly, but first let’s look at some common problems.

Unfortunately this is part of a much larger project. Forgive me if this shouldn't be logged here or I have done something stupid, publishing migrations doesn't seem to apply the Identity flag to a column but only on Sql Server. Migrations are currently only generated based on the active provider (SQLite).

While GUIDs, also know as unique identifiers, can also be used to ensure uniqueness, they have their own set of problems.

(For more information on using GUIDs as PKs, please refer to

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